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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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In 2005, 51,000 children were adopted with public agency involvement, of that number 89% (45,590) received adoption subsidies. (ACF Report 9-2006)

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Strategies For Winning
Over A Dirty Social Worker

Advice to parents dealing with unethical social workers.

How To Deal With That Dirty Worker

09 min. 48 sec.

Don't let the introduction or the amateur nature of this video fool you. This video provides some of the best advice you can find. Do take the time to watch this video and take notes.

Strategy, Advice and Observations

  • Firt impressions are everything.
  • Most social workers aren't that well educated.
  • Social workers want to feel important, so let them.
  • Never threaten to sue your caseworker. It's counterproductive.
  • Put the needs of your children first -- even if they have been removed from your care.
  • Share disipline methods with foster parents, which will benefit your children.
  • Buy the best digital camera you can afford.

Aunt Makes False Allegations to Steal Children!

Kidnapping in California!

08 min. 10 sec.

As reported by Patience Poet

This woman and her man have been put through hell. Her aunt has custody of another family member's child from DCFS and is adopting them. Her kids are all grown now and she wants more, so she called DCFS and lied about her neice. She said her neice was in a violent relationship and this was not true.

A DCFS worker came to the house and saw nothing wrong, but still wanted to take the baby for a medical examination. The Dr. concluded that nothing was wrong with the child, but that didn't stop the social worker from saying the baby had a head injury. Nobody knows where she got the idea that the baby had a head injury, but the doctor says the baby had no injuries and was very healthy!

The aunt won custody of the baby. While fighting for this baby, she gave birth to her second child. Her aunt convinced her to let DCFS place the baby with her and she'd let the baby go back home with her. Once the decision was made, the aunt backed out of letting her have her baby go home with her. The aunt will not even allow the babies to be photographed and she pops them on top of the head when they misbehave.