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The parents of 337,000 children had their parental rights terminated from 2000 to 2004.

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Concise Violation of Citizen Rights

by: Bill Sullivan

It is amazing to me to see the representatives of the people rightly so concerned about the fact that President Bush has listened in on those associated with terrorists organizations when they are talking to Americans in this country, while either not knowing or not caring about what has already happened in our country. I would rather believe they just don't know about child protective services.

Question: Could the elected President of the United States:

  1. Enter into your house, to examine it or your kids and make fiat determinations, even to the point of removing your children for any reason be it true or concocted?
  2. Take you, the average citizen, to court and you are considered guilty till proven innocent?
  3. Expect and get cooperation from Judges who routinely check a box saying he was justified so their county will collect federal and State funds? [1]
  4. Make sure all the people involved in the actions of dependency cases (DCFS, Judges, ad litems, therapists, experts, etc.) all get to split government money. Including himself and all the more only if the child is taken away. Even more if you can find a reason to drug the child (special needs)? [2]
  5. Routinely, lie, cheat and steal. Falsify documents and violate rules of evidence, while being assured that due process will not be accorded you, the victim, for the "best interest" of the child(ren)[3]
  6. Use organizations that as a general practice violate state statues and Supreme Court guidelines governing them. (ad litems, CASA, etc.)
  7. Keep everything secret that he doesn't want to reveal and counting on the observed fact that Superior Court judges will see no evil because most of them have participated in the same when they were lower court judges.
  8. Be allowed to collaborate with all involved in dependency cases and make deals with all that will be on his side, to: Co-op any that agree with his methods and marginalize those that do not. [4]

First of all, the president could not do it. The media would be all over him. He would be impeached.

Not so with child protective services. They do all these things and more. They are regularly done with impunity, despite the fact the law says and intended no such immunity.

Judges often do whatever DCFS wants and then threaten the real victim, the parent, with jail if they dare object to their treatment.

Most folk don't know that dependency court is not a court of law. Oh, I know that it suppose to be. The truth is, the only rights acted upon are the ones the judge allows. That usually boils down to the judge allowing nearly all that DCFS wants and little or nothing that the parent need to prove their innocence. Only the rich can hope to even try to compete.

It is a system designed, even if by ignorance, to collect money for the state and local coffers. It is very efficient. It is as near non-falsi-fiable as any intentionally designed system could be. You see when there is no evidence, they often lie. Who will be believed? The state agency or the parent?

Their own admitted unfounded cases is as much as 75 percent. They often keep the children as long as they can. It is a known fact that children are many times more likely to be raped, drugged or even killed than in their own homes, when they are in the care of the state. Nearly 50% never graduate High School. Many more become criminals or homeless people later on in life. Think of the psychological effects this has on a child that has been taken for scanty or no reasons.

The laws of all states would have allowed child protective services to take Jesus from Mary!

Inspite of all the horror stories being told by the hundreds in every state, most Americans will get upset about the presumed violations of the rights of terrorists and terrorist symphathiesers. They will turn every log, get any document to save a few possible terrorists, while ignoring the secrecy, the collaboration and money getting mentality that steals thousands of children from families in each state every year. They believe there had to be something wrong. They believe that it couldn't happen to them. They are wrong.

The Educational TV special showing how child protective services will literally go so far as to give a child temporarily to the abuser to keep control of the money is just a tip of an iceberg. That program was skewed against fathers. While those things do happen, child protective services will give the child to the abusive parent regardless of gender because they are attempting to first wrest the child away from the parent in which it would be most difficult. Then the rest is easy. All they have to do is go back and accuse the abuser. In some cases they start an argument between parents by saying one disparaged the other. When there is a minor investigation by our elected representatives, they depend on the foxes that are tearing up the chickens to give them the facts, therefore nothing ever happens to correct the problem.

Yet it is those elected representatives that created this monster. They are now afraid of it. Many thousands of victims decry the wimpiness of their favorite politicians. These parents are ready to endure any investigations into their lives. They want the light to shine brightly. Only those (DCFS) that have something to hide want to keep the cases secret. Then they can say what they want and no one can dispute them.

Is there no hero or heroine today? Is there no champion? Is there no real christian to release the captives? So far, those with power to do something are going about their own way as if they are horses charging into battle. All seem as baby birds hiding under their covering. Not one move the wing, opened their eyes or peeped.

How is it that many can go to church every week, cry out about more taxes or less taxes, what a holiday should be called and ignore the tens of thousands of letters and petitions sent to every newspaper and every politician in this country. Could this be the very spirit that made many ignore slavery, child labor, women's rights, because it didn't touch the lives of those in power?

The cry of "Give me liberty or give me death", was not meant just for our own person, but for every American.

If anyone can examine just the small amount of references provided with this article and do nothing to change this injustice. Then they are the children of all the oppressors that have lived from the time of Cain till this very day.


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Updated January 13, 2008