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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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In 2005, 534 children exited the foster care system by death; another 4,445 ran away. (ACF September 2006 report)

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Fighting Back

Addendum to 17 Helpful Tips on how to protect your family

A Kidjacked reader offers these tips for your consideration.

I have 5 lawyers in my family and I have successfully fought off CPS three times.

Tips 5 & 6 are bad tips — they open up exigent circumstances, because the kids are right there therefore they must be snatched as a pre-emptive "just in case" strike against "possible future abuse". By not allowing CPS agents to see the kids, you open up the possibility that there may be NO kids present. All you have to say in response is "Show me your search warrant," while shrugging and looking around calmly at NO KIDS present on your lawn and around your immediate area.

Furthermore — they shall DRAW NO QUARTER - nada - NOTHING is given to them. The doctor's report should be withheld and, at court, they can commit perjury by hanging themselves with their "abuse" testimony right before you whip out your suddenly-found evidence — "Hey — look what I just found! A doctor's report -- can you read this for me?" They violate the law and make the complaint "illegal on its face," they can be personally held accountable.

Tips 5 & 6 should be replaced with the following tips:

5.  Post "No Trespassing" signs all over the property and inform them that, without probable cause and a search warrant, entry onto the property violates the rights to quiet enjoyment of the property and is considered a tort in the eyes of the law. Further, the conduct is considered harassment and defamation of character if there is no warrant, and they can be sued.

6.  Do not, EVER, let them see the kids — in fact, temporarily place them with family that you can trust. This eliminates the Exigent Circumstances clause, especially if they bust in and find nothing.

Windex Calls

If you are on the receiving end of one of those Windex calls (i.e., it's a dirty house — the horrors!), then be aware of a Dallas Police technique, called "Knock and Talk," during which the police claim to "simply want to talk to you — nothing else" — this is done so that you voluntarily give up your rights to require a search warrant when you agree to talk.

ANY conversation with a cop is done to screw you — either a traffic stop, or an arrest based on bogus charges should be anticipated. Better yet, fight a Windex call fire-to-fire and get a storage unit and move ALL excess clutter, from your home. Remove excess junk from the home and place into your storage unit, and let them walk into the cleanest house you can possibly engineer (if they have a warrant, otherwise keep them out).

Also — here in Cobb County CPS workers like troll the foreclosure notices and harass parents going through foreclosure, knowing that the family is likely in crisis mode. Remember, an "anonymous" complaint can stem from ANYwhere — so don't substantiate it by hanging yourself through your own testimony!


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