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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Only 6 in 100 youth, who age-out of foster care complete a community college degree.

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Update on Sullivan v. Department of Human Services

by: Bill Sullivan

A motion was filed in juvenile Court today. A motion for the Judge to set aside her order giving DHS probable cause for keeping Shelby, my daughter.

In her Order, the best that I can tell, she gave three reasons.

  1. That there was a reason for emergency action, to take immediate custody, because the doctors noted Shelby tested antigen positive for HSV-1 (the fever blister kind).
  2. DHS said that there was an ongoing NLR police department investigation.
  3. Past encounters I had with DHS.

Response to Reason #1

The motion reminded the judge that the test was HSV-1 positive. (Anyone that has ever had a fever blister would have tested positive for it.) It can even be transferred to different areas of the body by hand.

A document was submitted from UAMS, stating that such tests, as administered could make one suspicious of sexual contact, but was not diagnostic of sexual abuse. The antigen test cannot tell when where or how one may have gotten fever blisters, nor is it area specific. She would have tested positive, if she only had fever blisters.

Documents were also submitted from PubMed and other authorities.

Response to Reason #2

The court was informed, that DHS had lied when it claimed that there was an ongoing investigation with the police department. Furthermore, DHS office of chief counsel and specifically Mr. Lee Honorable was notified verbally by the NLR detective Julie Rose. She told him that the investigation was terminated and the allegations were unfounded. Ms. Rose also notified Social worker Larene Williams via recorded message. The investigation was officially closed on May 11th. The hearing took place on May 12th, at about 6:00 pm.

A document was submitted from North Little Rock Police Dept. Stating that the investigation found the allegations unfounded on May 11th, 2005.

Response to Reason #3

Defense informed the court, that it found the logic of the court hard to answer. Mr. Sullivan had won the prior cases he had with DHS. We stated that it seemed to us that if "strikes" were to be held against anyone, it should be the looser in those cases, DHS. The Defense contends that if that logic were to prevail, even a winner against DHS becomes a looser.

We also submitted other documents, showing ways HSV-1 can be contracted, along with documents showing the dangers children are subject to in the foster care system.

We are at a point that if the arguments above don't gain the release of my daughter, I believe, only public opinion can bring pressure to change the mind set that DHS can do no wrong.

The more I look into this subject, the more cases I read about like mine, the more I am sure that the whole Juvenile system is corrupt. They all seem to work together, judges, attorney ad litems, and the politicians that created this UNHOLY system.

DHS is free to lie, coerce, force, capture, keep secrets, burn files and gain information from people who have "no rights". They have certain immunities and you cannot touch them. They have certain quotas that they have to meet for budgetary reasons. I am told that you can predict how many kids they will steal in each state, and they will attain children by whatever means are necessary.

Meanwhile because they are considered credible agents of the government their decisions are rubber stamped by the judicial system.

Sounds like the mob to me.

If these things are not true, they would have released my daughter from captivity at the hearing, when they knew there were no credible evidence of sexual abuse.

Now there seems to be an air tight reason for the judge to do the right thing. However, I am not confident that she will. I remain hopeful.

Bill Sullivan
(501) 612-5890
North Little Rock, Arkansas

Posted May 22, 2005