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As many as two-thirds of the people in treatment for drug abuse reported being abused or neglected as children.

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Abducted Child Puts One Over On DHS In Court

by: Bill Sullivan
Posted June 30, 2005

Update on Sullivan v. Department of Human Services

I am sorry to say that I didn't get Shelby back today in court (06-23-2005).

We got to court and my daughter was very happy to see me. She began to tell me and my sister about how the foster dad had threatened to hit her in the head with what she described as a fishing pole carrier, if she rolled her eyes at him just one more time. She assured me that she never rolled her eyes.

I told her to tell her ad litem, so that I would not be accused of discussing the case with her. She said that they never listen.

Everything seemed to be going fine at the trial until I got word that Shelby was turning State's evidence. She was now saying, I was told, that her cousin did it to her. I was shocked! She had always told me that they were pressuring her to say he did. Now I thought, maybe, she had finally broken. I thought, what child traumatized by familial separation, could hold up very long. How could she consistantly resist with no outside support. The only people that could talk to her about the case was DHS. All her cries to her ad litem had fallen on deaf ears.

Then another shoe dropped.

The same Judge that had granted probable cause in her previous order. The same Judge that stated on the order that one of the reasons she decided probable cause was because of an ongoing North Little Rock Police investigation, now was saying that it was not relevant to the case.

You may remember that I had filed an ex-parte motion to set aside the order because DHS has hidden the fact that the investigation was dropped as unfounded. The documents submitted proved it.

It is ironic that the people breaking the law, the very person to whom North Little Rock police had spoken to, said that it was not revelant and the Judge concurred.

The ad litem got off the hook with breaking Arkansas law also when the Judge allowed none of that evidence showing neither the lying nor her refusal to follow the rules of an ad litem as laid down by the Arkansas Supreme court.

Then an unexpected shoe dropped.

They called a young doctor to court that had treated Shelby in Children's Hospital.

Under questioning by my attorney, he admitted:

  1. The PCR test tested positive for hsv-1 and negative for hsv-2
  2. That if Shelby ever had fever blisters, she would have tested positive for the hsv-1 antibody at any point after.
  3. That the PCR test could not tell, when, where, nor how Shelby got hsv-1.
  4. That hsv-1 could be auto-transmitted from one area of the body to another. Even if she touched someone else's fever blisters.

Then everything went crazy. He was asked, that in his professional opinion how did shelby get hsv-1. He said by mouth to genitals or genital to genital. Thus in one sentence, he contradicted all that he had just said.

After all, he said, she could not have been born with it.

This young doctor, get this, is having his graduation ceremony this evening at 6 pm. He has had only one case of genital hsv-1 in a child. That child is Shelby.

Another tragedy happened, all of a sudden a little girl (whom I cannot name, because of court order) would finally to be allowed to testify. This she had wanted to do for quite some time. Her ad litem would not cooperate.

My attorney, had tried to get her ad litem to allow her to ask the little girl a few questions, to no avail. Now She would say what the state wanted.

I overheard what happened. This in itself was miraculous. These things are usually kept very secret. That way no one will know of any injustice. It was thought up as a way to protect children. This secrecy has permitted a currupt system to operate without real oversight.

I could possibly go to jail for telling this.

What I overheard was that this little girl, had pulled one over DHS' eyes.

While on the stand, she told of how she lied to her ad litem. She said that she knew lying was wrong, but that they had promised to allow her to go home. Furthermore, it was the only way that she got to tell what her ad litem refused to tell in court.

This little girl also told about how her foster father had threatened to knock her out cold with an instrument. She mentioned other abuses in foster care.

This smart little girl had out-foxed all those feeding from the trough of DHS, or so it seemed.

When the Judge made her decision, she ignored all the little girl's testimony.

She only mentioned the story told the ad litem by the little girl, to get a chance to testify. She used it as a reason to keep her in foster care. Held by the same people that has brought so much trauma upon her.

In my testimony under questioning, I pointed out that Shelby's mother sometimes had gotten fever blisters before she was born and that Shelby had them before this incident. I pointed out that the young doctor was wrong because under those circumstances, many had gotten hsv-1 and hsv-2 at birth.

I offered information from the Center For Disease Control (CDC) and the Journal Of Clinical Microbiology. I said the information was open to everyone.

Here is one quote from the Journal Of Clinical Microbology, a six year study.

Nonsexual transmission of HSV-1 also may occur by autotransmission. This could include transmission of viral particles from oral lesions through the gut to the perineum or by the direct inoculation of virus to the genitals on fingers or fomites. The parasthesias associated with herpes labialis often lead patients to repeatedly touch the infected lesion. Virus carried on the fingers could then be transferred directly to the perineum during the placement of tampons or indirectly transferred on toilet paper if adequate hand washing prior to toileting is not performed.

In vivo studies of autoinoculation from one site to another with the patient's own strain of HSV has been demonstrated to cause new foci of disease and reactivation (24). The spread of genital HSV onto the patient's fingers or eyes or onto mucocutaneous sites adjacent to primary genital regions late in the disease course suggests that autoinoculation is a common occurrence (7, 14, 33). It is unclear why this rate of transmission would be showing such a dramatic increase with time, unless it was concluded that personal hygiene and hand washing practices have changed significantly.

I also had a report by the CDC, where a near epidemic of hsv-1 of various parts of the body broke out in minnesota among high school wrestlers.

No one cared. You can't cross examine the CDC. I didn't know anyone questioned the authority of the CDC.

I was asked if I would allow DHS into my house during questioning. I have to admit, the social workers that had gotten to know me and my family, tried their best. They said great things about me and my family. They recommended that Shelby be allowed back into the home, only that they would monitor to make sure certain people would not be allowed in my home.

I intimated that I would allow the devil in, if my child was allowed to come home. (Of course I would need to be ready with an exorcist) I pretty much feel this way about this EVIL entity.

To make a longer story shorter. The Judge gave her decision. She said that since the doctor said it had to be transmitted sexually, DHS was to keep Shelby.

The Judge looked me in the eyes, and said that it seemed like I needed some psychological therapy, because I did not believe my child had been molested.

I am to pay child support, and complete other services. I was told in no uncertain terms, that if I did not follow the regimen, my child will be given to someone else.

I have allowed Shelby to believe that we are on track to go to counselling together and that we could be together then. I am certain that DHS never intend to give me back my child, whatever I do.

I will never allow it to stand!

Some how, some way, we will be together again.

Bill Sullivan
(501) 612-5890
North Little Rock, Arkansas