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"We took them away from their parents on the assumption that we as a society would do a better job of raising them," Mark Courtney, a social work researcher at the University of Washington.

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Nazi Germany or America?

See if you can tell the difference...

by: Dennis Ables

Our granddaughter - age 2 ½ years old was kidnapped and abducted by C.P.S. workers and the local police department (officers Brum and Frank).

C.P.S. had been trying to take our granddaughter for some time, and on May 26, 2005 they (cps) came into my home, with the assistance of the two police officers, without a warrant, subdued my wife and myself to restrain us while cps workers pulled our granddaughter from my wife, while she desperately clung to the neck of her grandmother.

We had guardianship granted by a superior court judge on May 6, 2005. We told them we had been issued letters of guardianship, and ask to see their search warrant to enter our home, and were told by cps workers that they didn't need a search warrant. We have since found out that cps did not have any papers at all from a court, and quickly set a court date on June 1, 2005 to detain our grandchild.

C.P.S. had conspired with the mother of our grandchild to accuse my wife, and myself of many things - one being drug use, selling drugs, and having a home where drugs are used. The mother at the time we petitioned for guardianship of our granddaughter was in jail for a drug charge she had failed to appear on 15 different occasions (15 FTA).

She was sentenced to 3 months in jail, but only served 14 days before being released. Shortly after we were subjected to a search and seizure by local police on June 6, 2005. Our home was left totally destroyed. We were not allowed to watch, or see any part of the search, which was done by all 10 of the officers. I asked the officer in charge if I could see the search warrant, and he said he didn't have to show it to me. I also asked him what they were looking for, and he said he would tell me when they found it. We haven't seen our granddaughter since May 26, 2005. We have asked to see her but they have ignored our plea.

These have been the worst days of our lives, and no one should have to endure a hardship like this in this country. There is more that I could say about this, but I hope this is enough for anyone to see how wrong it really is. If I can be of help in any way to end this Nazi like behavior please feel free to contact me via E-mail, or phone (209)357-3140. Thank you and please try to stop this.

Dennis Ables

Posted: July 13, 2005