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In 2002, a third of the Monroe County NY, children in foster care, were prescribed one or more psychotropic drug. By 2006 over 40% were being drugged.

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Merced County Officials
Involved in Murder Cover-Up

Donna Crowder, nurse and former candidate for Merced City Council, passed away July 23, 2006 after being diagnosed with terminal cancer (though she kept that information to herself). She had been a driving force in the battle against CPS for many years. Donna has been fighting since they removed her children from their home several years ago. She was always available when ever someone needed support.

She could be counted on to rally the troops, call state officials and was even able to obtain an FBI investigation (see below), into her case - only to find that the Merced police had destroyed all the records.

Donna will be missed more than words can express. I'd like to thank her for all her hard work and dedication over the years. May she rest in peace.

Please pray for Donna's children, this will hit them hard when they find out. I expect the caseworker who took her children will rot in hell for the grief she has caused this family.

Posted: June 20, 2003

Donna Crowder files an accusation with the California Supreme Court.

In the matter of:
Donna Crowder vs Gorden Spencer

The accusation of:
Merced county district attorney Gorden Spencer

Accusation against an attorney in the
Supreme Court of the State of California

I, Donna Crowder, was attacked both verbally and physically by the Merced county district attorney (Gorden Spencer), in the office of the Merced county district attorney in Merced County, California.

I walked in the district attorney's office to speak with a district attorney when Gorden Spencer saw me. He said to me, "What are you doing here"? I told him that I was there to speak to a district attorney about some facts regarding Albert Gonzales and Deborah Hastings-Gonzales that our oldest daughter had brought out to the Merced county sheriff.

Gorden Spencer then yelled at me to "get out"!

I told him, "It is my right to speak to a district attorney."

Gorden Spencer then told his secretary to "call the police."

I told Gorden Spencer to "go ahead and call the police."

Gorden Spencer then stated, "no, do not call the police," to his secretary.

I then asked Gorden Spencer, "why was I informed by a member of the Merced county grand jury that he, Gorden Spencer, had torn up and hid all my reports and complaints to the grand jury, so that I could not be found".

Gorden Spencer then said to me, "the grand jury lied."

I then asked him, "You, Gorden Spencer, are accusing the grand jury of lying?"

Gorden then yelled at me to "get out!" and then proceeded to place his hands on me and did grab my shoulders (touching my body without my permission) and shoved me (assault) out the door, almost knocking me to the floor.

My case number is Merced P.D. 95-0000032071.

I declare under penalty of perjury that the above statement to be true.

This case does have a number in the Supreme Court.


I've recently heard back briefly on Donna Crowder's case. She has some reason to be hopeful that she will finally see justice served and the truth may finally be told.

Donna writes:

Update: March 15, 2005

One of our Merced County Board Members, Gloria Cortez Keene, was recently arrested for fraud, Ms Keene's husband is an attorney and Ms Keene was employed as a County Social worker during the time of the Merced County C.P.S Cover up (see story below).

I received a phone call recently from a Grand Jury member and then a personal visit. The Grand Jury member informed me that they are investigating Gonzale's shooting death because of the suspicious circumstances and the fact that no autopsy was performed on the body at the time of death, as prescribed under California law.

I also have a meeting scheduled with the Assistant Deputy Attorney General to discuss our case.

In fact, I even had a reporter for the Merced County newspaper state, "do not give up on the truth." For our own newspaper to print the truth would open up a whole can of worms for the same elected public officials that covered up the murder and white collar crimes that were committed.

Lastly, the office of the Sacramento F.B.I has informed me that the F.B.I is currently investigating the case, though they could not yet provide me any details. I am hopeful.

Thank you for printing my true story on your website. I am writting a book to be called "Valley Gate". I'll be sure to let you know when it's completed.

Donna Crowder
US Army/Nurse
(209) 358-2996

Child Protective Services Covers Up Crimes

Our case involves C.P.S here in the County of Merced, California and how they have obfuscated child abuses committed when C.P.S had knowingly placed my granddaughter in a household with individuals who had previously come close to beatening her to death. I had no idea that my granddaughter had been placed in the home of her grandfather and another woman who had falsely claimed in a court of law to be the blood-grandmother of my grandchildren and was illegally obtaining monies from the Child Welfare system on behalf of the children.

I would not give up, no matter how hard C.P.S tried to stop me. A caring Detective had a meeting with this same woman inside the County C.P.S office. At which time, this other woman, along with my former husband, US Army Veteran, Albert Gonzales, did confess to child abuses, welfare fraud and SSN frauds (while aiding illegal immigrants). After which, Schellenberg, a C.P.S employee, gave me a hug and said to me, "we are listening now, Donna".

The detective stated that this couple, Albert and Deborah Gonzales were going to be arrested on numerous charges. Albert and Deborah were very close friends with certain C.P.S employees, in fact Albert went to high school with C.P.S employee, Chavez, who had been at this particular C.P.S hearing and heard the confessions being made.

Albert and Deborah Gonzales were also very close friends with a County Deputy Sheriff, Jorge Perez and in fact the Gonzales's were, at that time, leasing Deputy Perez's house.

Albert Gonzales was found shot to death approximately 4-days after this C.P.S hearing, which had been held inside the house owned by Deputy Sheriff, Perez. His death was ruled a suicide even though an autopsy had not been preformed by our Sheriff-Coroner, as required by California law. The detective's case file on this C.P.S hearing and evidence of the numerous frauds disappeared from C.P.S records, from County Sheriff Department's records and from County District Attorney, Gorden Spencer's office, all without a trace.

Deborah Gonzales then filed a fraudulent claim with the Veteran's Affairs office regarding the death of Gonzales. I have a copy of the fraud claim with the altered and falsified Merced County Sheriff report to prove my statments, as well as the perjured testimony and letter from this same Deputy Sheriff, Perez.

My youngest daughter by Gonzales, stated Perez was involved with her dad and Debbie in illegal activities and we believe this led to his murder and subsequent cover-up as well as obstruction of justice by C.P.S, and other elected public officials.

I presented extensive proof of the scandel to the Merced County Board of Supervisors, to the Merced County Grand Jury and to Governor Gray Davis. I also presented proof to State Attorney, Bill Lockyer, to the Assistant US Attorney in Fresno, Mike Cullers and to my former Assemblyman during a face to face meeting in Merced. I also contact Dennis Cardoza, my current Congressman, who at one time was very good friends with and used to work for Congressman, Gary Condit, then to my State Senator, Dick Monteif and others. All who have failed to act.

On 10-02, Robin Adams, staff member for my Congressman, Cardoza, stated that Cardoza always knew this death to be a murder cover-up as well as a cover-up of frauds, but could not expose it due to a corrupt County District Attorney, Spencer, who happens to be the best of friends with our State Attorney General, Bill Lockyer, in fact Lockyer's own aunt lives in Merced.

To open up the case of Albert and Deborah Gonzales, will open up how our County D.A, our County C.P.S, our County Sheriff Department, and other higher-ups obstructed justice, used color of office, violated civil rights, covered-up white collar crime and conspired to cover-up murder.

I filed charges against D.A Gorden Spencer and presented documentation to the F.B.I. to no avail.

I also notified the Veteran Administration that my taxdollars went into a fraud to veteran affairs as well as my taxdollars being wasted on frauds against the State. Veteran Affair Director and C.P.S Director were one and same at the time C.P.S heard confessions made by Deborah Gonzales, creating a conflict of interest, it appears that C.P.S assited in the fraud to Veteran Administration by committing an obstruction of justice.

I am not afraid to speak out with the truth and I will not stop until this Political Corruption and murder cover-up is exposed. I am sick and tired of the handholding of the the good-ole-boys and girls club and I am tired of friendships and politics coming in the way of truth and justice. We must show our elected public officials that these same officials will be held accountable to the people.

Donna Crowder
Candidate for Merced County Board of Supervisors, Dist 2
750 East 23rd Street
Merced, California 95340
(209) 722-1427

Posted July 24, 2006