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Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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From 1961 until 1980, federal foster care funding was part of the federal welfare program, Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC).

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Luttrell Children Disappear With Father

The most recent update to this matter is that for 6 weeks, I could not reach my children at all. The father had simply disappeared. Having been out of a job for going on a year now, he finally got evicted from his apartment, and had moved in with a friend, and failed to tell me, or give me any way to contact my children.

It was only after I had gotten the police involved in a search that he finally called from "a friend's" place and said he was staying there temporarily and would be moving in with his sister and her new husband in a couple of weeks. He also refused to give me any way to contact them at his sister's home.

After I called his sister's home, she informed me that my children were not living with her, and has refused to give me a number where I can even reach my children by telephone. The father instructed her if I called looking for my children to "eat shit and die." It appears that he wants me to have no contact with my children at all, which puts him clearly in contempt of court, and I still cannot get the court to reconsider the ruling.

An interesting aspect to this scenario is that the sister he "claimed" he and my children were moving in with has been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, is on several different medications and recently tried to commit suicide (this can be documented by hospital records). I was also informed a few weeks ago that his father also attempted suicide in October of 2002, by drinking a glass of radiator fluid. He spent 6 weeks on kidney dialysis because of this attempt. Does this sound like an emotionally stable family that should be raising two small girls?

I have never been in therapy, never felt the need to be, have never been on medication for any mental health issues, don't drink, don't do drugs, and I'm in a happy, stable, loving marriage, live in a nice, well-kept home in a nice neighborhood, my husband is gainfully employed and I have a network of supportive family and friends here in Iowa that would benefit the children greatly.

The man the court has given my children to is single, depressed, unemployed, homeless and broke, not to mention the fact that my children don't want to live with him. They want to come home to their mother. Is anyone else seeing something seriously, horribly wrong with this whole picture?

Child protective service cannot be allowed to monitor themselves. Absolute immunity creates absolute power. Absolute power corrupts, absolutely!

The same is true for Family/Juvenile court systems, where the law and the constitution do not seem to matter and parent's rights are non-existent. It's not a matter of "what is in the best interests of the children," it's a matter of what is going to make the most money for the state and all the leech agencies and individuals involved in removing the children from their custodial parents and placing them where they can "render services."

It is often said that caseworkers are overworked and underpaid, and that may be true, but the answer is not to throw more federal money at social services for removing even more children from their homes, creating more of a caseload for those poor "overworked" social workers.

The answer is to stop the flow of federal funding that gives states the incentive to kidnap children. There is no funding available to help custodial parents truly in need of assistance. The money only starts once the state places the children outside the care of their parents. The system rewards the state for kidnapping children. This is pure evil, and it must be stopped!

Dawn J. Luttrell

Updated: August 23, 2006