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Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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"35 percent of the children in that counties foster care system could have remained safely in their own homes had the right kinds of help been provided." ~Broward County Florida admin.

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Luttrell Family

Tennessee Caseworker Removes Children From Home Due to Messy Surroundings

The Luttrell Family - Mykal, Alex and Sami

The Luttrell Family - Mykal, Alex and Sami

The Luttrell children were removed from their Tennessee home by DCS caseworkers though nothing of an "emergent nature" existed. In fact, no specific reasons were ever cited in writing. The only excuse given, verbally, was that their home was messy (that happens when you move). There was never an allegation of abuse against either the mother or her husband.

The pages below tell an utterly disturbingly twisted tale of corruption, collaboration and deceit. It will anger those are familiar with the devious nature of our family court system and all it's players

2023/09/08 - Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
Imagine, if you will, dear citizens of the United States of America, a country where you have no civil rights. Imagine living in a country where government agents are free to burst into your home, without a warrant, and drag you out in handcuffs, at gunpoint, because you tried to report a crime perpetrated against you by a government official.

2023/09/08 - Playing Legal Musical Chairs and Other Games
We went back to court in Tennessee on my appeal of the father's petition for custody. The referee ruled in November to give him temporary custody and I appealed that decision. The original hearing was set for February 4th, 2003.

2023/09/08 - Luttrell Children Disappear With Father
The most recent update to this matter is that for 6 weeks, I could not reach my children at all. The father had simply disappeared. Having been out of a job for going on a year now, he finally got evicted from his apartment, and had moved in with a friend, and failed to tell me, or give me any way to contact my children.

2012/06/24 - High-Ranking Tennessee Officials Involved in Kidnapping Cover-Up
Tennessee Governor, Phil Bredesen attempted to deflect blame when he recently requested the resignation of Dept. of Children's Services Commissioner, Michael J. Miller, after contempt of court charges were levied against the state.