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As many as two-thirds of the people in treatment for drug abuse reported being abused or neglected as children.

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Witch Hunt for Dead Beat Dads

By: PJ Stewart
Posted: June 8, 2005

Prosecutorial Abuse: The Witch Hunt for "dead beat" fathers, must stop, using our children to fund foster care(lessness) must stop. Welfare was privatized which means that fraud and extortion of families is nothing more then a witch hunt in America.

Force the Constitutional readdress in every case of abuse. Where there is no Habeas corpus there is no body of evidence, then the children must be returned to the family. Also, without proof of abuse, charge the accuser of Extortion, racketeering and fraud. (including CPS!)

What I have found in the Family Court System is that there is no readdress. "Don't confuse me with the facts, my mind is already made up!" Disfavored is a parent who is either male, minority, disabled, or poor.

Judges often practice law from the bench going out of their way to help the parent who screams NOW, (National Organization for Women). Even when there is a body of evidence that proves the woman in question is in fact is the abuser.

What is worse, is trying to get Law Enforcement to do something if you are a disfavored individual. Going out of their way to protect a woman abuser is standard operating procedure. There is no one to complain to, if you find yourself out on the street fleeing death threats from a woman. There are no shelters across the United States for abused men and their children.

90% of all abused people are disabled too. ( ) There are no shelters in San Diego for the disabled, if you are male! There is nothing that will happen if you do get attention of media, government or attorney's. Even after filing paper after paper, and being on T.V. and Radio, nothing changes.

Senator Feinstein "Far too often, family abduction cases are ignored by the media and by law enforcement casting them aside as merely domestic disputes."

Children are abducted by both CPS and often the mother of the children and this abduction is often labeled "in the best interest of the children," because of an accusation of abuse by the parent seeking not custody, but seeking money! Live Beat Dads, often states "Follow the Money," Which means this is not about custody or what is best for the child, it is about money!

Independent Reporter
PJ Stewart

The 2.6 million reports of child abuse & neglect, 66%, were unconfirmed, but not returned to the family.

Annie Armen, A.K.A. AnnieBiotics is the exception to the rule in that her radio show is true press, "of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." Her guests are treated with respect, & dignity, which is lacking greatly in today's "Talk Shows."

P.J. Stewart, Brian York (From California) Featured Guests on Annie Armen Live Talk Radio Series: JAB Part 1 - Aired Live 03/03/05

P.J. Stewart and Brian York are AAL Guardian Angels!