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75,000 Children living in foster care in 2000, were legally orphaned when their parents' parental rights were terminated.

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Testimony of Diane Mary Booth

By Diane Booth

Testimony of Diane Mary Booth to the Human Resources Subcommittee House Ways and Means and the California State Assembly

I am an American mother who cannot attend this hearing in person because I would be subject to unlawful arrest and sent back to prison for 'violation of probation' because of my testimony against criminal authorities in Santa Clara County, California. My true horror story is so unbelievable to the average citizen that it sounds like a George Orwell novel or an X-Files show. But I swear on the Bible and on my son's life and my own life and very soul, in accordance with God's divine law, that the following is true and correct. My son, Vincent Booth, age 10, and I are victims of acts of terror. These acts of terror are committed by agents of the State of California.

California Nazis

There is a holocaust going on in California. Please help me and thousands of other Americans who had their children kidnapped by Child Protective Services. I have personally witnessed my son and other small children at the Children's Shelter on Union Avenue in San Jose, and Eastfield Ming Quong Facility in Los Gatos, California, being severely abused both physically and emotionally by "counselors".

I had seen severe bruising on my son's face and called 911 in Los Gatos, but the police never came. My son was hospitalized in the Emergency Room at Santa Clara County Medical Center many, many times for injuries sustained at those facilities. I personally witnessed a 200-lb. "counselor" physically restrain a small boy who was slammed face down on the concrete and kneed in the back while his tiny arms were twisted behind him.

The next time I saw that little boy, "Danny", his arm was in a sling. Children in this facility are very intelligent and warm and loving children. Every time I visited the facility, they all hovered around me to tell me about the torture they endured. Many times these children knew enough to pull the fire alarm so that the police and fire rescue would come. I have heard many, many children screaming and crying that they want to ________________.

Besides being brutally restrained physically, they are also chemically restrained with mind-altering pharmaceuticals. My son was totally normal physically and mentally before the Santa Clara County apprehended him. I noticed his mental and physical health seriously deteriorate week after week as a result of being drugged at these "care" facilities.

Flight to Canada

My son begged me to rescue him. By the grace of God Almighty, I was able to do so on July 2, 2000.

We were successful in our escape into Canada on July 5, 2000. I took my son to many doctors in Canada who all confirmed the same diagnosis - that my son's Tourette Syndrome was a result of the side effects of the drugs forced upon him in California. After two months off of the drugs, and with a stable, loving environment with his mother, his "tics" began to subside. We were once again happy and enjoying our lives.

Then, the nightmare began again when the Gestapo apprehended us and tore my son from my arms while he was kicking and screaming, "Somebody help me!!!" "Mommy, please help me!"

This is a crime against humanity that I have submitted evidence in support of my story to the United Nations and every human rights group on the planet. America will never free themselves of terrorists until they eliminate the terrorists within their own system. God will never bless America when America tortures its own children and citizens.

I have been wrongfully convicted and I am being maliciously prosecuted by Santa Clara County, California. The Violence Against Women Act is being used in Santa Clara County, California to persecute women and children by greedy and power hungry social workers who prosecute phony domestic violence cases to get federal funds.

Child Protective Services is experimenting on my little boy with all kinds of dangerous drugs for his "diagnosis" of ADHD. He has now developed a drug created tic, Tourette's Syndrome, as a result of this drug abuse.

He is only 8 years old, and was imprisoned at Eastfield Ming Quong, a facility with a negative history of stealing the children of earlier Chinese immigrants. He is not allowed any contact with his family. I have strong suspicions that my son is not even alive.

Judge Leonard Edwards and the social worker refuse to put me in contact with my son. I believe the County is covering up his death.

Why does no one investigate?

Retaliation & Gestapo Manners

My little boy, age 8, was, at age 6, "diagnosed" with ADHD by school officials and social workers. I insisted that the Sunnyvale School District comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act and make reasonable accommodations for my son.

I refused to put my son on Ritalin and demanded that a proper medical and academic assessment be performed. The school district retaliated against me, along with their partners in crime, the Santa Clara Co. Social Services, and the Santa Clara Co. District Attorneys Office, and the Public Safety Department by concocting malicious lies against me and my boyfriend.

I came home from work at 5:15 p.m on my very first day of a new job (the opportunity the County was seeking!) only to find my son had been kidnapped by Santa Clara County Gestapo.

I was beaten up by a police officer and thrown in jail. My boyfriend was also thrown in jail. I still have horrible bruises on my ankles and shins from the beating inflicted by Officer Terry Schillinger of the Sunnyvale Police Department.

I filed a police brutality complaint, but nothing was done, even though the SPD took photographs of my injuries and the broken table in my apartment on which Officer Schillinger had slammed me down upon (a strong and sturdy wooden table mind you).

This Officer had no warrant, no court order, and no probable cause to enter my apartment or take my son.

The week before, SCC had frozen my boyfriend's bank account which caused our rent check to bounce, which in turn caused us to be evicted from our apartment. The County deliberately did this so that we could not afford an attorney to prove our innocence. My son ended up at the Childrens Shelter on Union Avenue in San Jose, and then at Eastfiled Ming Quong, where he was given all kinds of dangerous drugs, including Ritalin.

My son was abused and neglected physically, emotionally and mentally at this facility. He was hospitalized many, many times while under their so-called "care" for injuries sustained at those facilities. My appellate court attorney, Allison Brumbach, testifies in her petition to the Supreme Court that the social worker stated that my son recently had his "face smashed on the now he doesn't ask for his mother anymore."

Santa Clara County added insult to injury by claiming that I was a victim of domestic violence. A woman in my former apartment complex makes a living by heading a "domestic violence therapy group" called "Next Door". She calls the police and falsely manufactures "victims" for the sole purpose of making money and obtaining Federal funding. (The only "violence" that was taking place was being dished out by the police officer who beat me up and the Santa Clara facilities which abused my son) They even had the audacity to file a child support enforcement claim against me as ransom.

Staying Connected, Santa Clara Style

My refusal to testify against my boyfriend, who was innocent, angered the same DA who maliciously prosecuted me for a phony trumped-up charge of child endangerment. The social services refused to send my son to my loving family in New York even though my mom begged for temporary custody.

At the time, I had an appeal and a multi-million dollar lawsuit pending against the County of Santa Clara, which was dismissed by a Federal judge who had previously been a Santa Clara County judge. One of the Federal court judges' wife is also Deputy Counsel for the County. Incredibly, my first court appointed attorney turns out to be a _____________ who was having an affair with the very woman who runs the domestic violence therapy group for women, "Next Door"- the same woman who called the police to have my son taken away from me!

The woman who owns the Children's Shelter on Union Ave. in San Jose was the former mayor of Sunnyvale, CA, where I was arrested. This institution is a "private-public" for-profit organization that had previously been audited by the California Office of Inspector General. (See: Audit of Protections Provided to Foster Care Children through the Juvenile Justice System in California (A-09-99-00057)) The Executive Summary of the report stated:

"This final report points out significant problems in California's administration of federally mandated foster care protections provided foster care children in the State's juvenile justice system. State plan requirements for the case review system were, in large part, not met. Also, one or both of the required judicial determinations pertaining to the child's removal from the home were not always made for these children. These protections were not effective due to a lack of sufficient oversight by the California Dept. of Social Services...."

My case went all the way up to the Supreme Court of California. (Case No. H023568, and Santa Clara County Superior Court Case No. JD11110). The FBI apparently had no evidence against me, which is why they were unable to extradite me back to the USA. The juvenile dependency court in San Jose, under the jurisdiction of Leonard P. Edwards, has refused to allow me a hearing to call expert witnesses or submit exculpatory evidence. He claims that I had no civil rights because I am in a "foreign" country. However, The United Nations treaties, to which the United States is a signatory, specifically guarantees the human rights of citizens of all countries and has encoded those guarantees in the following conventions:

  • The International Convention of Civil and Political Rights
  • The Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment
  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • The United Nations Rules for the Protection of Juveniles Deprived of their Liberty
  • The UN Guidelines on the Role of Prosecutors
  • The UN Basic Principles on the Role of Lawyers
  • The UN Basic Principals on the Independence of the Judiciary.


Judge Leonard Edwards has had numerous protest demonstrations in front of his courthouse. There are many, many families who have been tortured by this abusive system as I and my son have, but they are not as fortunate to be able to tell their stories, as I can from the safety of Canada. The "confidentiality" laws put into place by the State are there to protect the social workers and the court personnel from any accountability. Therefore, they can wantonly abuse their authority by committing crimes against humanity without fear of arrest or prosecution. Children are dying under state "care" in California. Families are destroyed. Innocent people are incarcerated for life, and many die in dangerous prisons. This is a holocaust worse than Nazi Germany because it is solely perpetrated against children and families for the sole purpose of profit - profit to the pharmaceutical industry, the psychological therapy industry, the courts and lawyers, and foster care "guardians".

Even though I turned myself in and served a four-month sentence, Judge Leonard Edwards still refused to commence reunification services with my son. As soon as my lawyer filed a motion to reinstate reunification, the probation officer, Raylene Mallon, quickly filed a "violation of probation" with the court resulting in another warrant. I did not violate my probation and am obeying all laws. In fact, I am gainfully employed as a paralegal.

I implore the State of California to investigate this holocaust and to bring these civil servants who have committed these crimes against humanity before disciplinary bodies. Return these children to their natural parents, and put legislation in place so that this holocaust will never again be perpetrated upon any other human being.

Diane Mary Booth
Dated: November 18, 2003