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Federal Title IV-E funds foster care on an unlimited basis without providing for services that would prevent the child's removal from the home.

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Diane Booth Responds to Abduction Allegations

Below you will find Diane's response to this article, which was published in the San Jose Mercury News, Wednesday, September 13, 2000. Diane Booth, wrote a response, (see below), which the Mercury News refused to publish.
Boy allegedly abducted by mom returned to U.S.

Diane Booth's response to the Mercury News article

This is Diane Booth, the woman the article refers to above. Please allow me to inform your audience of what Santa Clara County did to me and my family. Let this also serve as a warning to anyone with small children considering leaving their home state to make those big Silicon Valley bucks.

My little boy, age 7, (not 6) was diagnosed with ADHD, and I insisted that the Sunnyvale School District comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act and make reasonable accommodations for my son. The school district retaliated against me, along with their partners in crime, the Santa Clara County Social Services, the Santa Clara County District Attorneys Office, and the Public Safety Department, by concocting malicious lies against me and my boyfriend.

I came home from work one day at 5:15 p.m. to find my son had been kidnapped by Santa Clara County gestapo. I was beaten up by a police officer, thrown in jail, my boyfriend was thrown in jail.

The week before, SCC had frozen my boyfriend's bank account, causing our rent check to bounce, which caused us to be evicted from our apartment. My son ended up at EMQ where he was experimented on with all kinds of dangerous drugs, he was abused and neglected physically, emotionally and mentally at this facility. He was hospitalized at least 5 times while under their so-called care for injuries sustained at that facility.

Santa Clara County added insult to injury by claiming that I was a victim of domestic violence. (The only violence was the police officer who beat me up and the facility who abused my son.) They even had the audacity to file a child support enforcement claim against me as ransom.

My refusal to testify against my boyfriend, who was innocent angered the same DA who maliciously prosecuted me for a phony trumpted-up charge of child endangerment. The social services refused to send my beloved son to his loving family in New York even though my mom begged for temporary custody.

I have an appeal and a multi-million dollar lawsuit pending against the County of Santa Clara.

I have refugee status here in Canada, a process which will take many months. In the meantime, I am out of prison and will work full time getting the word out to all the people of the world about the holocaust going right here in America.

It is patently ridiculous that I should be charged with criminality for trying to claim and protect what is already mine! It is my child, my son, born of my womb, nurtured and raised into a fine young, intelligent boy, until the witches and demons of Silicon Valley destroyed his life, my life and my family's lives.

It is ironic that I am expected to go to prison and do the time those criminals should be doing because I rescued my beautiful son from the abuse he suffered at the hands of the gangsters who call themselves police, social workers and court officials. The FBI is wasting the taxpayers money to hunt down old ladies and their children, instead of going after real criminals (who run the County government).

The FBI put $500,000 on my head. Canadians shake their heads in disbelief. It is the right of Americans to know what is being done with their tax money, and that little children are being stolen from their mommies so that the county can adopt them to the highest bidders, who are unable to have children of their own. The FBI is now harassing and threatening my aging mother.

Please help our family.
Diane Booth

Note: I am aware that this is not new information but I wanted to be sure to chronicle the facts of the situation Diane & Vicent Booth have been forced to endure at the hands of San Jose officials.

Posted August 30, 2006