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A study in Baltimore by Trudy Festinger, Department of Research at NYU's School of Social Work, found that 28% of the children in foster care had been abused while in the system.

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Former Child Service Worker Falsely Accused

Posted May 14, 2006

Please pray for the mothers who are suffering the loss of their children at the hands of zealous state workers and the children who are being put in harms way.

Daycare owner and former child services worker Sylvia Jovanna Vasquez stands falsely accused of child cruelty and the media is having a field day. Numerous stories have been written full of false allegations, fabrications and out-right lies, yet the media continues to print these falsehoods and has not bothered to investigate the truth.

Sylvia Jovanna Vasquez was the adoptive mother of four children, three of which were diagnosed with severe cases of Reactive Attachment Disorder, which requires parents to be creative and use unconventional methods of child rearing to protect the children from harm and from themselves. Children with RAD manipulate strangers with charm and even inappropriate affection, but react aggressively as soon as an adult gets too close emotionally.

The report below has been published by the Santa Barbara Sheriff's department and put online, it is nothing more than a witch hunt. Sources close to the case say that while the police are asking for parents of the children served by the Daycare center owned by Vasquez, they aren't interested in hearing from parents who have good things to say about the owner.

The story includes links to pictures of her spare room, used to protect her cats from the children, not the children's rooms as they indicate. One story (see link) even claims the courts were hearing testimony from housekeepers for Vasquez, yet the woman who testifies was not hired by Vasquez because she has a felony record.

From all indications the charges against Vasquez are nothing but insideous lies that could cause Ms. Vasquez to lose her home and everything she has worked for. Once the charges are finally dropped against her, what will her children come home to? The state will have drained her of all her resources and put her out of business.

Please pray that she and her children are reunited and that this and other witch hunts like it around the country end. Families are being destroyed and, ironically, children are being harmed in the name of saving them, from state workers greedily overstepping their bounds.

Child Cruelty Arrest

January 10th, 2006

On January 5th, 2006, Santa Barbara Sheriff's Deputies responded to 2839 Foothill Road, to check the welfare of four children. An anonymous person reported that the children at that location were possible victims of cruelty. Deputies contacted the resident, 50 year old Sylvia Jovanna Vasquez (7-3-55). Vasquez is a licensed child care provider who runs a day care service out of her home. The four children suspected of being abused are her four adopted children. Deputies were allowed into the residence and discovered evidence of child cruelty.

The home is described as a two story single family home with several bedrooms upstairs and several downstairs. At the time the deputies checked the residence, all four of the children were upstairs. Vasquez's adopted children are a 13 year old boy, a 9 year old girl, a 12 year old girl and a 6 year old girl.

Deputies checked the residence and discovered that the 13 year old boy stayed in a room downstairs. The room had a large bag of trash with rotting food items inside, a bed, toothbrush, bottle of water and a bucket containing urine and feces. An external window in the room was locked only allowing it to be opened one inch. The room had an external dead bolt allowing it to be locked from the outside.

The 9 year old girl allegedly stayed in another room downstairs. Evidence suggests that she actually stayed in another room built inside of a storage area. The room was a small plywood room approximately 5' x 4'. There was a window in this room secured by wire mesh and a door with an external lock. It appeared that the door and window had been damaged as if someone had tried to escape this confined space. There was a folded cushion and a pair of child's pajamas on the floor.

There was another room and hallway in the downstairs area that was littered with cat urine and feces. The downstairs bathroom was filthy and the toilet was stopped up with feces.

The 6 year old girl had a bedroom upstairs, at the opposite end of the house from where the master bedroom was located. There was a bed in the room, and a 3' x 5' cage mounted on the wall above the bed. This cage contained a mattress. Inside the cage appeared to be drawings done by a child. The 6 year old told child welfare services that she slept in the cage.

The 12 year old girl also stayed in a room upstairs. This room was very different than the others. It appeared as if this girl was well cared for and given all of the necessary amenities.

Child Welfare Services (CWS) and Sheriff's Detectives responded to the house. CWS took all four children into protective custody. Sheriff's Detectives executed a search warrant at the residence.

The search warrant revealed evidence that the children were locked in their room's or cages for extended periods of time. The children were fed minimal diets of bread, water and peanut butter. There was documentation from the children describing physical abuse. All of the doors in the residence had external locks, giving the ability to lock the children inside of the rooms.

CWS has taken custody of all four children. The 13, 9 and 6 year olds appeared to be undernourished, and had clothing that was soiled with urine and feces. The 12 year old appeared clean and healthy. The adopted mother, Sylvia Jovanna Vasquez was taken into custody by Sheriff's deputies for 273a(a) PC, Child Cruelty and booked into Santa Barbara County Jail.

We are asking that anyone who currently uses or has used Vasquez as a child care provider contact the Sheriff's Department. We are also asking that anyone with information that would assist this investigation call the Sheriff's Department Detective Bureau at 681-4150, Detective Henebry or the We Tip line at (888) 800-9100.

This is an ongoing investigation. More information will be released as it becomes available.