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In 1998, 589 children died nationwide, while living in foster care. (Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS) FY 2006)

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Gravelle Discipline

April 2, 2006

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

In today's world, the media will often take a grain of truth and manipulate it so that they have a sensational story that will sell papers. I will expand on these grains to let Americans know the truth about the Gravelles.

Media Story

One of the Gravelle children was sent to his cage and had to write the entire book of Deuteronomy.

The Truth

When one of the children misbehaved, he was asked to apologize or to go to his room and start copying the Book of Deuteronomy until he did apologize. He had a choice and he chose to go to his room and sit on his bed and start writing. The Book of Deutoronomy was selected because that was the first book in his Bible since he had ripped out the Books of Genesis, Exodus and Leviticus.

Other options that the Gravelles could have chosen were:

  1. Have him write a three page essay. This is one of Judge Cardwell's punishments when juveniles come before him in his court.
  2. He could have written 100 times:
    1. I will not smash an egg in my sister's face again,
    2. I will not smash an egg in my sister's face again,
    3. I will not smash an egg in my sister's face again,
    4. I will not smash an egg in my sister's face again, etc.

His choice was to start copying the book of Deuteronomy. After writing less than one and one-half pages, he changed his choice and apologized to his sister.

A news article in the Sandusky Register on March 21, 2006 regarding Judge Timothy Cardwell's ruling to give permanent custody to Huron County read, "The discipline was excessive and inappropriate; the parents were over-controlling; and the parents defended their abusive behavior, Cardwell wrote."

Is this discipline/punishment too strict and abusive? Would you defend your behavior if you were not guilty of the charges? You decide and remember not to believe everything you hear or read in the media.

Gravelle Family Friend

Please continue to support the Gravelle family with your prayers and a donation of any amount to:
Gravelle Family Defense Fund at Key Bank,
11 West Main St.,
Wakeman OH 44889

Ohio American Family Rights Association

When Children Services Comes Knocking

Children Services was founded to protect abused children. However, they have now become the largest group of child abusers. How do you stop them? Force them to obey the laws of the State and the United States of America.

The most commonly broken laws and regulations are:

  1. Agency staff enters homes and schools without court orders or search warrants. Just like any other government agent, caseworkers (social workers) cannot enter your home without either your permission or an order signed by a judge or magistrate.
  2. Children are only to be removed if they are in "imminent danger." This does not mean your children can be removed because you spanked them or your refrigerator is broken. (If your home has mold and feces, then they can take your child. If they have sustained life- threatening or permanent injuries, then they can take your child.)
  3. Caseworkers (social workers) cannot interview your child without your knowledge unless they have a court order to do so. Schools must cooperate with investigations, but you must be informed. Children should not be taken from school without a court order. [*clarification]
  4. Every effort must be taken to keep a family together before the removal of children. This measure should be taken as a last resort only. If it is determined that the children must be removed, they should be place with family whenever possible.
  5. Do not sign a case plan unless it has been court ordered! Otherwise, you have been tricked into giving up your rights to fight any/all allegations. You are admitting that you have abused/neglected your children. (These are sometimes referred to as Service Plans.)
  6. It is unlawful for caseworkers (social workers) to threaten you with the removal of your children for exercising your Constitutional Rights. This is intimidation!

For more information contact:
American Family Rights Association, Ohio Chapter
Rosalind McAllister, President/Family Advocate at (216) 577-0466 C. Lynnette Thomas, Secretary at (330) 920-1028 Beth Donkers, Coordinator at (330) 530-2955

Clarification regarding social workers talking to your children at school.

by: Bob Surgenor

When a parent sends their children to school, they place the school administrators "In Loco Parentis," which is Latin for "in the place of the parent." The US Supreme Court has ruled that a school teacher or administrator can allow social workers to interview your children without your approval. They do not always need a court order as is indicated above.

I know personally, I did it for years as a police officer when speaking to a child victim at a school. I did not need to notify the parents if a child was a victim and needed to be interviewed. In all cases of child abuse and neglect, the child is the victim.

A different set of rules apply if the child is a suspect. The law then states that before a child suspect can be interrogated by a government official, the officer must make a "reasonable effort" to contact the parents before any interview takes place. Even then, the parent cannot deny the officer the opportunity to interview their suspect child, but they can insist on being present, much like the right to have an attorney present during questioning.

A social worker can talk to your child at school without your knowledge and this is not a violation of the parent's rights.

Bob Surgenor
Family Defense Network of Ohio