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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Being abused and/or neglected as a child are not the only painful and potentially damaging experiences that human beings may suffer in childhood. -- Jim Hopper

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When devotion to your children meets untrustworthy officials.

Special Needs children are often adopted out from birth or due to a parents inability to cope. Not all adoptions involve foster care placements. The controversy over adoption continues to grow with more and more adoption cases making headlines in the news. The question of how to ensure a safe environment adopted children has yet to be answered.

2023/09/09 - Why Eleven Children?
Why would anyone intentionally raise 11 special needs children? Who has a heart big enough to love that many children and why would anyone bother to try?

2023/09/09 - Gravelle Case Update: Protecting the Innocent Victims from Zealous State Workers
On November 15, 2005 Huron County Judge Timothy Cardwell refused to return 11 special-needs children to their adoptive parents, keeping them in county custody pending a hearing scheduled for Dec. 6 due to allegations that the children were abused and neglected.

2023/09/09 - Gravelle Case: Too Many Foxes in Huron County, OH
The probe of Sheriff's Detective Matt Spencer by the Huron County Sheriff's Department reminds us of the probe of the Gravelle family by the Ohio Department of Health and Human Services.

2023/09/09 - Former Child Service Worker Falsely Accused
Daycare owner and former child services worker Sylvia Jovanna Vasquez stands falsely accused of child cruelty and the media is having a field day.

2023/09/08 - Gravelle Case: Reader Responses
On November 15, 2005 Huron County Judge Timothy Cardwell refused to return 11 special-needs children to their adoptive parents, keeping them in county custody pending a hearing scheduled for Dec. 6 due to allegations that the children were abused and neglected.

2023/09/08 - Legal Strangers
Michael Gravelle has been accused of visiting three of his 11 adopted children Friday, March 24. Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said the Gravelles could face criminal charges if the couple contacts any of the children again.

2023/09/08 - Gravelle Family: Memaw Dies
Huron County won't allow death bed request because 'Not in the best interest' of children

2023/09/08 - Losing Faith | Foster care adoption process
Our Parents as Tender Healers (PATH) classes began in early January and were to last sixteen weeks. Within these classes we were to learn the requirements of foster parents and informed that in order to adopt a child in the foster system that we had to become certified foster parents first.

2023/09/08 - Losing Faith | Foster care adoption process
We happily went about our days as a new little family with a beautiful new daughter the following days, adjusting as all parents do to a new baby. We walked into the agency with our new beautiful baby in hand not knowing what was about to begin in our lives.

2023/09/08 - Losing Faith | Foster care adoption process
Outside, I cried telling my attorney that the judge had just made the decision to give a drug addicted baby from two drug abusing parents and placed her knowingly in the custody of a known alcoholic. What chance did she think that the baby would have for a normal life, with that history and that environment?

2023/09/08 - An Update from the Family Defense Network of Ohio
Today, Ken Myers, the Gravelle's attorney, is filing several motions in two separate courts. The most important motion he is filing in the criminal court is the motion to suppress evidence based on the fact that the social worker lied in her statement in order to obtain the warrant from the judge.

2023/09/08 - Gravelle Family Life
You may wonder how the Gravelles were able to manage 11 special needs children, a family friend talks about how they could care for eleven children. Also, Governor Taft urges lawmakers to pass new legislation aimed at families considering adopting more than five children.

2023/09/08 - Federally Funded Family Terrorism
I have been called into question as to how I could still be in support of the Gravelle family after the reports came out in court about the supposed abuse these children endured at the hands of Michael and Sharen Gravelle. I've been in contact with family friends who have since filled in a lot of the blanks for me and I now stand even more convinced that this case is without merit.

2023/09/08 - Gravelle Discipline
The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

2023/09/08 - Gravelle Family Case: Caged Children
The Gravelle family has been accused of abusing 11 special-needs adopted children, placed in their care by the State of Ohio. Judge Timothy Cardwell, of the juvenile division of Huron County Common Pleas Court is the presiding judge.

2023/09/08 - Falsely Accused: Sylvia Vasquez
Follow the case of Sylvia Jovanna Vasquez, who stands falsely accused. Sylvia is currently being held in the Santa Barbara County Jail.

2012/06/24 - Gravelle Family: Gag Orders and Mice
Some very interesting things are going on in Huron County. Eric Dumbeck was removed from his position as HCDJFS Director, David Broehl, Administrator of Children's Services will retire and more changes are on the horizens. Michael and Sharen Gravelle continue their fight for justice and you can help...

2012/06/24 - U.S. Congress on Adoption | NO on S. 3038
Congress turns deaf ear to parent and families in favor of chasing federal adoption funds. Ever wonder why no one at the U.S. Senate or U.S. House is listening to the pleas of parents for assistance? The Congressional Coalition on Adoption Caucus membership is composed of 213 Senators and Representatives, representing 47 of the 50 states.

Adoptive Parents Drop Appeals Case

Surprise, AZ -- Homeschooling parents Jeffrey and Katie Bettendorf were promised by CPS workers they would be able to adopt Marissa, a sibling to four of their previously adopted children, only to have CPS later change their mind and adopt the child out to another family -- in the best interest of the child -- of course. Sources say the Bettendorf's have dropped their appeal of the adoption at this time.
[Watch the video (left) -- learn more]
-- Meet the Bettendorf Family
February 11, 2007