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15% of a sample of former foster children revealed that someone in their foster home had tried to 'take advantage of them sexually' (Fanshel et al, 1990)

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Family Torn Apart

by: Carla
Posted: May 22, 2003
Edited for clarity.

March 7 2004, they showed up at my door because I was hit with a baseball bat.

We weren't arguing or really fighting. But they have charged him with aggravated assault and he is overcoming a drug addiction. He is not a abusive person nor does he hit on me, he hardly even fusses with me.

They came and told me if I didn't get a restraining order they would take my kids.

When they were here she told me to take one out and I said no because he not abusive person. They told me to pack my kids up, they were going to take them. So I told them almost anything they wanted to hear to keep my kids.

They came into my house without my consent, finger printed my children, and took them in the bedroom to talk to my kids alone.

My kids didn't even realize what had happen because we were outside, but after that my oldest boy was very upset. My kids have excellent grades and do not have any problems in school.

We are having more problems now without their daddy here.

What rights do I have in a courtroom?

Dear Carla,

This is a common tactic of child protective service workers. Divide and conquer. It is important the you contest everything in court. Any part of the report not contested will stand in the official record and be used against you and your husband. Further, they can not force a wife to testify against her husband.

You need to read: A Criminal Defense Attorney's View of the Domestic Violence Industry for more sage advice on how to fight back.