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Of the 510,000 children in foster care on September 30, 2006, 52% were male and 48% were female.

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State Sanctioned Prostitution

Updated May 1, 2006

The state continues to work against the best interest of the children they are paid to protect, they rape the parents of their hard earned money, needed to care for that same child, then have the nerve to charge that same parent with a crime when they finally reach the breaking point and decide to take matters into their own hands.

This letter from a loving grandmother is enough to make any God fearing parent or grandparent angry enough to take the law into their own hands. This is nothing less than state sanctioned prostitution of a child. There is nothing else to call it. The parent is paying ransom for her child but instead of getting just one ransom note and paying the demands in hopes of having her child returned, she gets to pay over and over again.

This grandmother is asking for help and I have no idea where to send her, my first inclination is to tell her to just grab the child and run like the wind but how long could she possibly keep the child safe? What kind of life is this child going to have after all the abuse she has been forced to endure due to the collaboration between her attorney, the judge and CPS workers? In a perfect world, these collaborators would be charged under the RICO statutes, which were penned for just such an occasion.

Incest Victims Seek Assistance

My granddaughter is the victim of sexual abuse/incest; my daughter and her are both victims of the family court's failure to protect.

A court ordered psychological evaluation was performed when overwhelming evidence indicated my three-year-old granddaughter is being sexually and psychologically abused by her father. The evaluation confirming molestation and psychological abuse and its recommendation to cease visitation was presented to CPS and the Guardian ad Litem.

In a subsequent hearing to obtain a protective order CPS and the Guardian ad Litem failed to provide the evaluation as evidence and their recommendation to the court was for extended visitation with the father (abuser). The Protective order was denied and visitation increased.

The abuse escalated in frequency and perversity with the new visitation schedule. The psychologist hired by GAL who performed the evaluation was dismissed from the case. A new psychologist was hired who is clearly not interested in the child's or protective parent's best interests in spite of the fact it is my daughter who is responsible for her fees.

In "nanny videos" random recordings show child the disclosing and enacting details of her abuse. These videos were presented to CPS and GAL and an investigation was supposed to take place. The father willingly stopped visitations.

Two weeks later, unannounced, police officers escorting the abusive parent arrived in the evening at my daughter's home serving her with a restraining order and removed her child, placing her into the full custody of her known abuser. He immediately moved out of the area removing the child from her preschool, friends, family, and all things familiar and safe.

My daughter (protective parent) and all of her family members are restrained from all contact. Three weeks later my daughter was allowed to begin supervised visitations one hour per week in a monitored setting. Each visit she is searched and must pay to see her daughter. The father cancels appointments and my daughter has not been allowed to make up missed visitations.

The GAL and CPS caseworker do not return her phone calls. The GAL stated that she "only has the power to make recommendations and cannot force the father to keep visitation appointments." My granddaughter has disclosed the continued abuse and sodomy during the supervised visitations. The monitor reported this to CPS and GAL. This evidence was ignored.

On one visit my granddaughter was in distress, showed physical signs of sexual abuse (extreme rash in genital area) and diarrhea throughout the entire visitation. She asked her mother to take her to the hospital. My daughter called CPS and pleaded with her to make an appointment for a medical exam. She also called Justice for Children, a national organization for the protection of children, and asked for their help in this matter. They called CPS to encourage them make this appointment. I called as well but my phone call was never returned.

CPS told my daughter that they would have to discuss it with the father. The request for a medical exam was denied.

The GAL's evaluation to the Family Court is for permanent removal of my granddaughter from her mother and full custody with the father. A hearing is scheduled in March 2006 for determination. Legal payments to date exceed $74,000. The Attorney is ineffective in every way. All financial resources have been exhausted. My daughter is currently without legal representation.

A three-year-old child is losing contact with reality. Her disassociation is extreme! A child has been crying out for help. She has been silenced. What can we do?

The only help I can offer is to help you get the word out about the abuse being suffered by your granddaughter, which I am doing.

You must do the rest. Get on the phone and tell your story to everyone who will listen, share the link to this article with everyone you know. Call your congressman, your State Governor, the press, anyone and everyone. Join a state list for those abused by CPS agencies and ask about attornies in your area. Call every attorney in your area if necessary, until you find someone who will represent you with integrity and tenacity. Above all, don't give up and don't lose hope. There is help available and people who care, finding them takes time and effort.

Give your granddaughter a hug from me.

Annette M. Hall

This mother is beside herself with anguish over the desperate situation her daughter finds herself in due to the State of Texas' meedling in their lives. Lord please forgive them, they know not what they do.

Daughter Needs Mom - Texas Turns Deaf Ear To Pleas For Help

Posted May 1, 2006

I feel your pain. My daughter has also cried out and not been heard.

I gave birth at the age of 15. The father was my mothers ex-boyfriend. I didn't know the law so when he filed for a divorce I thought it was a joke and didn't go to court. Since that time he has had custody.

He has repeatedly abused her. His friend raped her from age 4 to 7. The police and CPS didn't do anything to protect her and instead threatened to arrest me. I couldn't take the feeling of hopelessness and moved out of town.

Her father continued to abuse her. He started letting her smoke weed and drink with him and his friends at 13. That's when she got pregnant. She only went to the doctor twice in her pregnancy. Her father is an alcoholic and addicted to crack and doesn't work. Her grandmother takes care of the bills but is never home, she spends her time at the bar.

My daughter gave birth 2 weeks ago. Her father sent her to live with her baby's father, though they didn't have a relationship (he flaunted pictures of his girlfriend). I tried to press statutory rape charges on him but the police said only her father can press charges on him even though he was 18 and she was 13. She couldn't take the abuse from his mother and his sexual advances (she'd just had her baby and still had her episiotomy stitches) and went to live with a friend. After a couple of days she was back at her father's house. She has begged authorities to take her out of his house but they don't listen. The Sheriff said that she can choose to get married but can't choose to live with her mother.

I was able to obtain a lawyer but I realize as crooked and corrupt as the system is, I shouldn't expect too much. It's hard to explain to my younger children why their big sister and her baby can't be here in the room I keep ready for them.

I hate Texas laws for their inability to protect my child.