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According to the Illinois DCFS, lack of supervision was the alleged maltreatment in more than 25% of all cases reported in the state--the most frequent charge.

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Molested Children Placed with Perpetrators

by: Teresa & Ken Marlowe

We reported our children's allegations of molestation by extended family members to the child protective services and the police. We have obtained written reports from the children's counselor and other professionals of the allegations of molestation by extended family members made by our children.

The child protective services (CPS) claimed that we had fabricated the allegations of molestation.

We have a videotape of CPS and five police armed with weapons entering our home on January 3, 2002, without due process, without a warrant, without a home study and without a court order.

CPS and police illegally took our youngest daughter from our home.

Later CPS gained custody of all three of our children. We were the ones who had reported our children's allegation of abuse by extended family members to CPS and now CPS has placed our children with the very same individuals our children had named to their counselor as allegedly molesting them.

We had disconnected from our extended families because they are involved in a cult and now our children are living with our extended family members in that very same cult.

We are determined to get our children out of this situation even though we have been trying to correct this since they were taken on January 3, 2002.

We have been looking for an attorney to take our case since then, but many want a $10,000 retainer which we could not pay.

We have filed a federal lawsuit Pro Se against the police and the CPS caseworkers, but since we did not know the law, it was dismissed without prejudice. We are going to re-file our lawsuit and we are continuing to look for an attorney to take our case.

Thank you for reading our story.


Teresa & Ken Marlowe

Posted: April 8, 2004