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Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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In 2000, more than 2.4 million grandparents were the primary adults responsible for their grandchildren.

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Iraq Vet Abused by California Courts

My Name is CPL. Witherspoon Julie and I am in the US Army. I am also a combat veteran I served 15 months in Iraq. CPS of Orange County California has stolen my two children Danny James Witherspoon born 6-17-96 and my daughter Julie Ann Witherspoon.

It all began when I was 15 years old; I attended Arroyo high school in El Monte, California. My Band Director/school teacher Danny E. Witherspoon born 1-8-42 had made inappropriate sexual advances towards me. I had to drop out of school so he would not go to jail for being with a minor.

Marriage in 1993

In 1993, I became pregnant with my daughter Julie at the age of 17. I got married to my schoolteacher and we lived in Las Vegas. My husband became violently abusive and he had a secret past, which I was not aware of but soon discovered that I was wife number four and that all of his prior spouses just happened to be prior under aged minor students of his.

During my pregnancy my husband beat me and sexually abused me and after the birth of my daughter I left to move with my brother. My husband and I reconciled and then I became pregnant with my son Danny James. My husbands abuse continued to escalate and so after the birth of my son my mother took care of my children while I was in Basic Training for the Military.

My first duty station was at Ft. Hood, Texas where the two children and I lived happily ever, we purchased a home and things were so nice with out that abusive pedophile spouse of mine.

Germany in 2002

In 2002, I was stationed in Germany and of course my children and I lived in Europe and in 2003 I was deployed to Iraq. My husband, not wanting the children or supporting them in any way shape or form was out of the picture, so I hired a nanny in Germany to care for the children.

When I returned from Iraq my husband wanted to reconcile, but I found out that he was unfaithful, so I demanded a divorce, which he protested. In July of 2006, he kidnapped my two children from Germany without my consent or knowledge. He took them back to Orange County, California, where he lived. He ran to the Santa Ana courts and filed for a divorce, restraining order and child support from me.

Custody Hearing 2006

I returned from Germany in October of 2006, to attend the court hearing, while being very concerned about my daughter hoping he does not get any pedophiliac cravings due to the age of girls he engages sex with. I attended the court hearing and Judge Vogel ruled that the children shall be returned to me at once and that we shall return back to Europe where our home was under The Hague Petition.

That same day instead of returning my children back to me at the Anaheim Police Department, He did the unthinkable - he took both of my children down to Orange Wood Children's Placement Home and made false allegations to a social worker about me and they took my children into their custody without jurisdiction and ignoring the standing court order in my hand.

Since that day in Oct 2006, social services have deemed me guilty with not one lick of proof to show cause for their actions. They have lied, fabricated documents, used parental alienation techniques and they have been very detrimental to my children's emotional well being.

A month after they were placed in Orange Wood, my children were moved into foster care with friends of my spouses from his Masonic Lodge. These banking crooks have beaten my son and my daughter has been molested by these maggot scum, Norma and Jerry Irwin of Garden Grove, California. The senior social worker, Laury Luchonik has gone out of her way to protect and defend the crimes of these foster bankers abusing my children.

Foster Care in 2007

My children have had no sense of personal hygiene, since in their care. They are forced to wear, old torn clothes from thrift stores and on top of that the foster bankers have taken away from my children pictures of me, which really damaged my children's emotions and they have disallowed me to have contact with my children since June 2007 due to Dr. Jody Wards CPS physical evaluation which is 100% fictitious.

I have had two private lawyers. My first lawyer, Steve Gassner of Ontario Canada, is getting disbarred for standing up to that corrupt Juvenile Dependency Court (bank). And I fired my second lawyer, Art La Cilento for oppressing me and allowing the court (bank) to do their dirty deeds to my children and me. Referee Thomas Fiorello is a corrupt piece of work along with county council Debra Torres and the children's attorney Linda Liar Oniel. All of them have conspired to defraud the federal government for their financial tribunal agenda to steal my children, sell them and get paid.

Santa Ana County Jail in 2007

On Aug. 23 2007, I went to the Lameroux Injustice Center to file a substitution of Attorney papers, to get rid of the forced public defender, Fiorello had dumped upon me by force. I was harassed by the bailiff, Sgt. Mannsfield, who told me that I cannot enter the building. I said this is a public county building and I have rights to access the courts. He let me in and when I was just about to file my paper at the clerks office I was ambushed and hand cuffed by the bailiff. I was then taken down to the holding cell while hand cuffed Mannsfield ordered me to get on my knees then after words him; eight other deputies started slamming my head into the wall. I was sexually assaulted by Officer Brunswick who told me to "Shut the F@*% up B*&^%! your gettin it anyway!"

Mannsfield and his cronies were just standing there laughing and he said that will teach you to F@*% with our building!

I was transported down to county jail in Santa Ana, California, and labeled as a belligerent they threw me into an ice tank for 17 hours and beat me straight for two days until I could be bailed out. I sought medical care and had a fractured hand and a head concussion.

I was arrested for trespassing and obstructing with official business and they disallowed me to have a copy of the arrest report and they had dropped the court hearing from the Santa Ana DA. These courts are corrupt it is nothing but a child black market stealing ring these are nothing but aw merchants.

We need to stop this corruption and save our children it can happen to you! This is every one's problem and your tax dollars are funding this insanity 100%

Get these criminals out of our courts!

Contact Julie Witherspoon or on yahoo (626) 817-1441

Wake Up America!