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Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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All too often child protective services is brought to the defense of children who are victims of abuse, but they act to place the child in an even more harmful situation, or place the child directly in the care of the abusing parent.

2023/09/09 - Family Torn Apart
Carla tells the story of her families intrusion by CPS gestapo agents

2023/09/09 - State Sanctioned Prostitution
This letter from a loving grandmother is enough to make any God fearing parent or grandparent angry enough to take the law into their own hands. This is nothing less than state sanctioned prostitution of a child. There is nothing else to call it.

2023/09/08 - Molested Children Placed with Perpetrators
We reported our children's allegations of molestation by extended family members to the child protective services and the police. We have obtained written reports from the children's counselor and other professionals of the allegations of molestation by extended family members made by our children.

2023/09/08 - Man faces neglect charge
A Guthrie man has been charged in Logan County District Court with child neglect.

2023/09/08 - Child Protective Services' out of control? Who is watching?
A 12-year-old adopted boy with a history of serious mental and emotional problems went to school one day and told his Garfield-Palouse middle school counselor his mother beat him up. He said she slugged him in the nose, choked him, socked him in the chest, threw him up against the wall, sat on him and hit him 150 times with a board.

2023/09/08 - Is Bureaucracy Killing a Young Epileptic Woman?
Arrogant hospital intern sets off a chain of events that destroys a family, daughter

2023/09/08 - Misconduct by Larimer CO Officials
An open letter to the Larimer County Sheriff's Department regarding the unreported abuse of their five-year-old child while living in a Fort Collins county foster home. Officials refuse to act...

2023/09/08 - Investigation Request
Licensing Consultant, for the Bureau of Children and Adult Licensing with the Michigan Department of Human Services husband accused of molestation.

2023/09/08 - CPS's Failure To Protect My Stepdaughter
I am writing because I feel that the Wilkes County Department of Social Services has failed in its duty to protect my step-daughter, herein after known as "Belinda". I have listed the reasons for this complaint as follows:

2023/09/08 - Corruption in Indiana Courts
Roxanne Scarlett is fighting an uphill custody battle in an unfair nepotistic and unscrupulous judicial system.

2023/09/08 - Black Mom Jailed for Protecting Child
Black mom in jail protecting child from sexual abuse of rich white husband.

2023/09/08 - Caught on Tape Protecting Child Rapists
During a two-year investigation, American family planning clinics were caught on tape covering up what they believed was the statutory rape of a 13-year-old girl.

2023/09/08 - Hospital in Complete Denial Over Epileptic Patient
Autistic woman held by bureaucratic stranglehold treated under veil of secrecy. Apparently bent out of shape, the intern called Adult Protective Services and reported that the parents were abusing Nancy by over-dosing her.

2012/06/24 - Iraq Vet Abused by California Court System
My Name is CPL. Witherspoon Julie and I am in the US Army. I am also a combat veteran I served 15 months in Iraq. CPS of Orange County California has stolen my two children Danny James Witherspoon born 6-17-96 and my daughter Julie Ann Witherspoon.

2012/06/24 - Lost Boys and Girls Memorial
Our hearts go out to each of the following children, who have lost their lives while in the supposed care and control of Child Protective Services or as a direct result of their incompetence or neglect.