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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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In 2004, 514 Children died while in Foster Care and another 4,261 ran away.

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Parent Education & Resource Network

Your Children are at risk and face a sinister threat, which is controlled, funded and supported by every state child welfare agency in the nation. Child Protective Service (CPS) agencies abuse their federally endorsed authority to destroy the lives of 1,000 children each and every day of the year.

Kidjacked a parental guide to CPS, contains legal resources, case law, family rights news and actual family court cases. You will find stories of courage, suffering and occasionally even success. Visit the Jacked Up Blog to learn more about our "Stolen Generation". Don't miss the archive section.

What's New at Kidjacked?

Featured Blog -- What we should look like...a family!

Our fight began in early 2009, with the children (four of them) entering custody, after their father dropped them off at the front door of the child protection agency in Yakima Washington. Pull up a chair, this one will take awhile... [read more...]

South Dakota Exposed: Why the Department of Social Services Preys on Native Families - 700 Children each and every year are stolen.

How the Court System Works

The actions you take immediately after your children have been removed from your home is critical and can mean the difference between getting your children home quickly or spending years trying to get them back home again.

Catch More Flies

A determined young lady has written dozens of e-mails over the past couple of weeks — many of them were simply horrendous (sorry girl). This letter was written in response to one of them.

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Exciting New Features! Create your own blog. Kidjacked is a growing parental rights network whose goal is to effect CPS reforms! Tell your true-life story in your own words, be sure to name the names of crooked judges, rotten caseworkers and shoddy CASA workers — don't be shy! Share your blog link with family and friends. [Get Started Now!]

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Free Reports and Educational Materials

Under what circumstance can the state terminate your parental rights? Are you concerned about your parental rights? What does the term "reasonable efforts" mean to families? You may find these reports and educational materials helpful in your battle against the state. These reports are totally free downloadable pdf files.

Spanking Laws

The kids are home and getting into mischief, how do you respond? What's a parent to do? Do you spank and child, allow him or her to rule the roost or ...? If you occasionally spank your child as a means of discipline, you should know the law in your state, before you end up in hot water. Please send updates for your state. Updated April 16, 2010

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Defend Your Family and Win

Courtroom Demeanor

When facing the courtroom always put your best foot forward. Remember first impressions count. Use these helpful tips to make your best impression.

17 Helpful Tips

When Child Protective Services comes to your door, take it seriously. Never think that it can't happen to you because you're a good parent. Updated: April 27, 2010.

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CACI List Ruled Unconstitutional!

Federal Appeals Court Finds CPS Tactic Unconstitutional -- As families gather for the holidays, a recent ruling from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals offers hope to hundreds of thousands of parents haunted by the nightmare of unproven child abuse allegations... Posted December 31, 2008

Losing Faith!

Almost daily we hear about all the foster children waiting for parents to adopt them and provide them with a "forever home". Many good people have had their hearts ripped out without the benefit of anesthesia, after going through the arduous process of becoming certified, in order to qualify to adopt. One foster parent shares her travels down the adoption road... Posted November 13, 2008

A Losing Battle!

My son is almost 7-months-old, my daughter is 32-months old, they are being held captive by the State of Hawaii, in violation of the law. A mother shares her grief and dissolutionment with the child welfare workers and the system that has kept her family apart for many months... Posted October 27, 2008

Kidjacked is dedicated to children and their parents, in hopes of providing the necessary tools, to assist you in your fight against false allegations, and child welfare workers' guerrilla tactics and to assist you in repelling the encroachment on your families civil liberties. Kidjacked welcomes submissions!