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Saturday, June 23, 2018
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From 2000 to 2004 - 256,000 children were adopted and another 624,000 languish in foster care waiting.

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Family Rights and Child Abuse News

Keep abreast of the National news concerning Parental Rights, Family Court Reform efforts and Family Law issues.

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Since 1983, the North Carolina Guardian ad Litem (GAL) program has served the best interests of thousands of children.

In the past fiscal year, 3,610 trained volunteers served 15,234 children from a total of 8,418 families. These children were in court because a petition had been filed stating they were abused or neglected.

The North Carolina Court System

November 20, 2003

State of Florida - Fifth Judicial Circuit

Thousands of abused and neglected children become the subject of judicial proceedings each year in Florida. Their voices are often unheard, and best interests overlooked in the complicated and overburdened adversarial process. Guardians Ad Litem are citizens who volunteer to become part of a court program to represent the best interests of an assigned child.

Guardian Ad

November 20, 2003

by Mark Ferran

Part 1: Law, a Revolutionary Idea for Peace<br>Part 2: US Supreme Court<br>Permits "Unauthorized Deprivations" and thereby Declares War Against God and Against The People of the United States<br>Rights of NY Landowners to Use Force (Display Guns) to Stop, Expel and Arrest Defiant Trespassers (or Terrorists)<br>The ATV Trespass Problem<br>While Leaving Ground Zero<br> We Must Stop Baseball Bat Violence!<br> A Need For Speed = Justification<br>The Original Intent of the 14th Amendment<br>


November 20, 2003

by Mark Ferran

Lincoln said "Let [Law] be preached from the pulpit, proclaimed in legislatures, and enforced in courts of justice."

The Law Clauses of the Constitution of the United States were adopted by the People to promote enduring Peace, and to Secure Life, Liberty and Property against unlawful deprivations by public agents exceeding the limits of lawful authority. The primary Law Clauses of the Constitution are found in the Fifth Amendment (in the Bill of Rights), and in the Fourteenth Amendment:


November 20, 2003

A Colorado Juvenile Law Website For Licensed Attorneys

This site is directed at attorneys and assumes you thoroughly understand the principles of substantive due process, stare decisis, irrebuttable presumptions, and the Rule Against Perpetuities. If you are not an attorney, this site is not intended to offer anybody legal advice and you proceed with any information herein at your own risk.

Juvenile Law Net

November 20, 2003

3 innocent little children were placed in a home with a convicted child molester.

Every day across America, citizens of the United States log onto the internet and inquire whether there might be child molesters and other kinds of sex offenders living somewhere in their neighborhood. Yet, the State of Michigan has made sure that David and Hege Crowton's children get to live with one.<br><br>Please call the Governor about David's Children at: (517) 373-3400 and ask her to stop the adoption

David's Children

November 20, 2003

by Linda Martin

Too often, fosterers ignore the threat of false accusations until its too late.

With the promise of government funding and the goal of helping a child, they accept the challenge of providing housing for state custody kids. When they start, most don't realize this decision can lead to personal heartache, financial ruin, and for some, even imprisonment.<br><br>About twelve years ago employees of the California Department of Social Services' legal division discovered a "secret room" in the Los Angeles child welfare office. It contained fifteen file cabinets with about 3000 files - each one describing allegations and incidents of child abuse in foster-incarceration and other state custody facilities.

Parent News

November 20, 2003

by Chad Halcom

An 8-year-old Mount Clemens boy apparently will become the youngest county resident ever to get court-ordered counseling and rehabilitation for sex offenders under a recent plea deal and sentence agreement in court.

Meanwhile, officials say, the effort continues to build a case that his alleged attack upon female classmates at Alexander Macomb Elementary School may be the result of some unhealthy influence by a former father figure in his home.

The Macomb Daily (MI)

November 20, 2003

by Bruce Eden

Child Support Enforcement laws are anti-American and an act of Terrorism against Americans

Communism is alive and well and it runs the United States of Amerika. I have been involved in the research of child support and welfare reform for years and have researched a number of very astute scientists, economists, psychologists, legal professionals, politicians and many others.

Liberty Forum

November 18, 2003

Home School Group Warns of Growing Trend to Try to Link Homeschooling to Abuse

Carla Katz, the president of the Communications Workers of America, a union representing social workers in New Jersey, testified at the hearing. In her remarks, Katz stated the following: "Home schooling creates gaps. Nearly 20% of all abuse cases are reported by schools. When children are outside the school system, extra protections are critical. There are no home schooling regulations that would require homeschooled children to see anyone from the public education system. There is no cross-referencing with the Department of Education to look for children who are in the 'system' but have not been seen by anyone."

November 18, 2003


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