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Friday, September 22, 2017
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In 1990, 2.7 million children were reported abused and neglected. Two-thirds of these reports (including anonymous phone calls to "hot lines") were not substantiated.

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Windham man faces arraignment in Danielson Superior Court today after police say he abducted his three children from state social workers.

State police say they issued Connecticut's second-ever Amber Alert yesterday after Jeffrey Yeaw took his children from a Department of Children and Families office in Willimantic during a supervised visit. Yeaw and the children were found several hours later at an acquaintance's home in Middlebury.


December 22, 2004

Eight children between the ages of 1 and 15 have been removed from a Sandy home after one of them, a foster child, was found in critical condition by emergency workers.

Foster parents Thelma and William Beaver have not been charged with a crime. Thelma Beaver told responders that the girl had fallen and hit her head on a coffee table the day before, said Joel Manly, spokesman for the Clackamas County Sheriff's department. The child was flown by life flight to Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portla.

The Daily News Online (OR)

December 10, 2004

A judge issued a temporary order Friday that allows four siblings of a 5-year-old girl who recently died of suspected child abuse to remain in the custody of Child Protective Services.

Delia Carian, of the Bexar County district attorney's office, said there is a program that allows jailed parents to visit their children, but since the parents are accused of child abuse, they will not be allowed that right.


December 10, 2004

by Todd Dukart

An Albuquerque woman claimed she had a 5-year-old daughter by her ex-husband, but an Albuquerque judge says that child has never existed.

Viola Trevino was ordered to bring her child, Stephanie Renee Trevino, to court by Monday. Several hours after her deadline, Trevino walked into court with a little girl in her arms. But the girl, a 2-year-old, was somebody else's child. Trevino's ex-husband is poised to sue her and others, hoping to recover $20,000 in child support he has paid.


December 7, 2004

by Vox Day

The number of confirmed sexual abuses committed by educational personnel represents almost a quarter of the total cases of all abuses accurately reported by educational personnel.

Teachers simply don't make for very reliable reporters. Educational personnel were the single most likely group to make unsubstantiated claims of child abuse. Their 179,098 unsubstantiated claims represented 17.1 percent of all such claims

World Net Daily

November 22, 2004

by David Siegel

HHS Secretary Donna E. Shalala today approved a welfare demonstration in the state of California which is designed to promote self-sufficiency for recipients of Aid to Families with Dependent Children.

Teen-age AFDC parents who maintain at least a "C" grade point average or graduate from high school will be eligible to receive cash bonuses of $100 and $500, respectively. Parents who fail to maintain a "D" grade point average could have their AFDC payment reduced by $50 for each of two months.

Adoption Library

November 10, 2004

by Jim Brown and Jenni Parker

A Christian family has sued a Pennsylvania school district, claiming the state's home education law violates their religious convictions.

Pennsylvania's home-schooling regulations are rigorous, requiring meticulous record-keeping and submission of notarized paperwork on the home schoolers' intended curriculum, a criminal background stipulation, each child's medical information, ongoing progress logs, and the end-of-year progress reports, which must be signed by a third party.

Cross Walk

May 1, 2004

by Jonathan Martin

A Pierce County man accused of photographing dozens of sex acts with eight of his foster children worked at a child-care center for 10 years before opening a foster home, according to state records released yesterday.

Pierce County sheriff's detectives who arrested 41-year-old Ronald H. Young last month checked for other potential victims from the Kitsap Peninsula-area child-care center where Young worked in the 1980s but found no allegations.

The Seattle Times

April 23, 2004

Defendant Department of Children and Family Services indicated a report of abuse against plaintiff, Mark Lyon, which was entered into the Department's State Central Register pursuant to the Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act.

Lyon sought reversal of the indicated report and expungement of the report from the central register through the administrative appellate process established by the Act, arguing that procedural violations by the Department violated his due process rights and that the indicated finding was against the manifest weight of the evidence.


March 18, 2004

The Division of Child & Family Services has come under fire recently, particularly on Capitol Hill for interfering with families.

"They have absolutely no personal accountability at all if they do something wrong or a child dies. Well, then changes are simply made to the that DCFS doesn't get in trouble.


February 19, 2004


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